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Natural Body Sugar Scrub With Jasmine & Coffee

Natural Body Sugar Scrub With Jasmine & Coffee

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Why should you use a body scrub?

Body scrubs include exfoliating ingredients like sugar or salt which give it a texture that you can feel in your hands. This helps clear away dead cells that make your skin look rough. By using a body scrub you are helping your skin become softer, cleaner and helping your skin become brighter.

Coffee is a great all-natural exfoliator. It helps sooth your skin. Shea butter has high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins. This means that it helps soften skin and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. This is why we recommend choosing our body scrubs as all of these ingredients with beneficial results are included in our product.


Custom Jars currently out of stock as we await for new stock. Regular jars will be used for the time being!

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